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Instant Proof Democrats are Ruining California

Instant Proof Democrats are Ruining California


You can know the impacts of California’s anti-business policies RIGHT NOW, if you only look. Often the reports you read about the state of the economy use numbers gathered over the previous quarter, the previous year or even a multi-year analysis of activity. But anyone with a basic understanding of business and economics (this takes out every Democrat in the state legislature) can quickly see how bad things are right this moment.

How? Just go to Yes,, the car rental and moving truck rental company's website. Now, start getting quotes for moving trucks from Sacramento to anywhere in the neighboring western states. Then do a simple reverse search, from the local western states to Sacramento and you’ll see it’s always cheaper to come to California than leave it, sometimes it’s as much as 90% cheaper!

Why does it cost $583.30 for a 16’ moving truck to go to Phoenix, AZ and only $90 to come back? Why does it cost $956.46 to move to Boise, ID from Sacramento but only $49 to move from Boise, ID to Sacramento? Because Budget uses a simple system of supply and demand (remember, basic economics, so Democrats need not try to understand). Budget has a system that tracks inventory (that’s supply for your Dems) and the reservation requests and bookings (Dems, that means demand) and know people leave California, but they don’t go back, or those not from California aren't looking to move there. Instead, people are leaving California, in droves, and Budget is benefiting.

This isn’t political, it’s just business. They just know there is a high level of demand to leave the ever increasing cost of living, anti-business burdens, and ridiculous anti-family pro-criminal policies of Jerry brown and company. It’s simple (for those who understand economics) supply and demand, and the demand is to get the hell out of California. You want a market prediction stock market fans? Use Budget, or U-Hual or Ryder’s online websites to get quotes on moving trucks, and respond accordingly.

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