West Sacramento Breweries a Source of Civic Pride

Ethan Ireland  |  2015-11-20

“Beer,” Benjamin Franklin supposedly wrote, “is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Had Franklin been truly responsible for that axiom, he could have been describing West Sacramento. West Sacramento has three breweries for a population of just under 50,000. Were all things equal, Sacramento, whose population is ten times greater, should be boasting thirty craft breweries; instead, it has only seven. Even though all three of West Sacramento's breweries are located in the same district along the same street, each has its own distinct charm.

Bike Dog is incongruously shoehorned into an '80s-era office park on the corner of Terminal and Industrial. Despite the exterior, the taproom is quiet, warm and close, and as the name suggests, welcomes bicycles and four-legged visitors. It's the haunt of an older crowd; mostly thirty- and fortysomethings here for pints and conversation. Bike Dog's owner Sage offers between eight and ten different beers, mostly the constellation of IPA variants craft brew enthusiasts have come to expect; however, Bike Dog is unique for offering “milk stouts”: heavy, dark beers containing lactose.

Yolo Brewing Company is found further north on Terminal from Bike Dog. The reincarnation of “Brew It Up,” YBC attracts a hipper and younger crowd than its competitors. The taproom alternates deejays and live bands on weekends, though the acoustics in the former warehouse mean conversation is a near-impossibility. Of West Sacramento's breweries, YBC has the greatest variety of beers. A visitor is spoiled for choice with a between fourteen and twenty-one brews on tap, most of which are spectacular and inventive. If that isn't enough, YBC also offers “personal brewery” services so amateurs can play brewmaster for an evening.

Finally, Jackrabbit Brewing lies a short jaunt still further north along Terminal. Jackrabbit is hard to spot, but given its quality and ingenuity, it's well worth the effort. It has ten brews on its menu, split between Belgian and English styles. Jackrabbit is constantly experimenting with unique brews such as the “vineyard dubbel,” a Belgian ale brewed with Cabernet grapes, and an Imperial Stout that gives Old Rasputin a run for its money. The exterior is industrial, but its taproom is more reminiscent of a winery. As with Bike Dog and YBC, Jackrabbit frequently has one of the regions myriad food trucks outside during its taproom hours.

Choice, quality, proximity – all of these mean that when it comes to beer, the citizens of West Sacramento have much to evoke civic pride.

Sex Tips for Nerds XX

Venus A la Mode  |  2014-04-25

Some Tips for Nerds of The Female Variety


Ladies, we all know what a delicate subject intercourse (or more commonly known by it’s street name, sex) tends to be. Today we’re going to discuss the ways in which you can send your lover spiraling through space and time with some out-of-this-world tips and tricks!


1) Setting The Scene.

Whether you find yourself rockin’ steady in a totally cool bunk bed, or romping on the sandy dunes of Tatooine, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable, and can build up adequate sexual tension to keep your partner trembling with….anticipation.


2) Know Your Tools and Weapons

Whether you’re mastering opening a door with the Sonic Screwdriver, bringing your pretty face to his axe, or maybe even tempting Pandora’s Box open….making sure you spend time familiarizing yourself with your partner’s personal armory will offer both gently rousing stimulation and give you a clear vision of how cast the die in both your favor during the heat of the moment.


3) Dress for the occasion

We all know that dressing up is truly a year-round activity and not just to be saved for one measly night every 12 months. Instead, find your lover’s nerdy fix and bring their favorite characters to life. Even if you don’t think you can rock a Princess Leia slave bikini or a Catwoman pleather body suit, there are plenty of ways to reference those looks in a more comfortable way that you can rock confidently and use to bring these women of fantasy to life.


4) Take the Controller

In this game, YOU call the shots. Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable, sex is just as much about your own pleasure as theirs. The bedroom isn’t always the place to be the hero. If you aren’t floating in the stars or feeling the zing, maybe it’s time to try something else. A truly caring partner will understand if you need to change things up or even stop. If they aren’t willing to, that’s a pretty good indicator your gut feeling was right and maybe it’s time to call it off.


5) Phone a Friend

Looking to spice things up and got an epic voyage mapped out too big for just the two of you? Sounds like you need the help of an adventurous companion. It’s important to make sure it’s someone you’re both comfortable with and trust. Intimacy is a delicate thing, and it’s important that anyone you bring onto the ship meets the protocol for all aboard. Remember, jealousy is an ugly creature. While it’s understandable to express concerns about involving another person, just keep in mind that your partner chose YOU. And continues to choose you, if they didn’t they’d have disapparated by now. Plus, it’s okay to admit you really want to be cuddled on both sides for once.


*Disclaimer: these are not by any means scientifically proven methods. These may be some of the silliest things you’ve ever heard, and some of these may just wind you up in the biggest ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey sexual ecstasy. Your fate is in your hands! (Or your partners!) Go try something new!


BONUS TIP! Keep a nifty, nerdy t-shirt around, (double points for really obscure references and crossovers) to throw on the next morning. Girls pulling the nothing-but-a-t-shirt look is always adorable, but frost that with a conversation starter, such as your favorite Firefly or Princess Bride t-shirt and you’ll have him doing exactly as you wish, for a shot at another round with you.

By:Venus A la Mode

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The Steamier Side of Sacto

Venus A la Mode  |  2014-03-28

The Steamier Side of Sacto

In recent years the popularity of steampunk culture has soared stupendously. The fascination with the old-fashioned inspired, mechanical world-that-never-was, that is Steampunk (a subgenre of Science Fiction) has grown to fruition and brought to the full attention of the world with the stylized elements of it, becoming more readily available to those interested in the subject. Steampunk centralizes around the concept of the industrialised 19th century Western civilizations, with many stories focusing on Victorian England and the American Wild West.

Most notoriously steampunk developed roots in literature, especially from works by writers such as H.G. Wells (Author; The War of The Worlds) and Jules Verne (Author, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea). More recently authors such as G.D. Falksen (Author, The Ourboros Cycle) have taken off, penning stories of intrigue and bringing new minds to the light of the subgenre.

Steampunk, here in Sacramento, has grown to form it’s own community known as the “Sacramento Steampunk Society”. It’s an open group and free to anyone in the interest of joining. Their Mission Statement, The Sacramento Steampunk Society explores, enjoys, shares and promotes Steampunk while encouraging community building among Steampunks throughout Northern California, is upheld through workshops (some free, some requiring materials fees), outings, the attendance of local events (Such as “Gold Rush Days” hosted every year on Labor Day Weekend in Old Sacramento), and their own meetings and parties.

Founded by Alexander Watt Babbage and The Iron Rose, the Steampunk Society has grown to reach 2,002 members since it began in 2009. The Steampunk Society aims to create a welcoming environment for those who enjoy steampunk to find like minded individuals, join in on local activities and outings (such as the recent day trip to ride the Carousel at Nut Tree Plaza and enjoy a meal at the Linde Lane Tea Room) as well as learn new methods to crafting steampunk attire, knick knacks, and other such musings. Workshops are taught by volunteers who generously donate their time and knowledge to help encourage and inspire those, less artfully inclined, to still create their own steampunk gadgets.

All the Steampunk Society events encourage costuming, but don’t require it. While many members bring out their finery and dress lavishly for most events, not having anything to wear, simply isn’t a good enough excuse not to go, and you will never feel unwelcome.

For those looking for a little more sinister fun, The Sacramento Steampunk Society also has a sister group, The League of Proper Villains. For those with an interest in H.P. Lovecraft, a more gothic-style steampunk, or simply just looking for a group with a slightly different attitude, The League of Proper Villians is equally as fun and offers the same level of activities and events. With fewer members, the League of Proper Villains centralizes in the greater Sacramento region, but also carries members spanning the nation. With a slightly broader basis for admission than it would seem the League of Proper Villains is another great group to get involved with and once again, is very easy to join.

To join either group, keep up with their adventures, find out more about upcoming events, or just get a foot-in-the-door on the world of steampunk, you can find both groups on facebook.

To join The Sacramento Steampunk Society: Sacramento Steampunk Society To join The League of Proper Villains: The League of Proper Villain

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